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Rather than waiting for governments and corporations to find answers to climate change, one-way couples can make an effect and demonstrate their love for the earth is by traveling for their honeymoon in environmentally friendly ways. There are several ways to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip more sustainable, especially since it’s undoubtedly one of the most extravagant excursions you and bae will ever have together. Here’s how to have a more environmentally friendly honeymoon, from the mode of transportation you take to the hotels you stay to the cuisine you eat. Also, have a look at some of the top options available right now.

How to Have a More Environmentally Friendly Honeymoon

A flight is normally required for epic trips, but it isn’t always necessary. “Ask yourself if you truly need to fly before you take any flight.” “Can you stay in the country or go by other ‘slow’ modes of transportation like rail or car?” Susanne Etti, Intrepid Travel’s Global Environmental Impact Manager and a real scientist, wonders. Since the outbreak, Intrepid has prioritized sustainability, creating more than 40 new low-carbon excursions focused on activities like walking, trekking, and cycling. Etti tells us that tourism currently contributes to 8% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions, with aircraft accounting for around a fifth of that.

If you do decide to fly for a special occasion such as your honeymoon, think about how you can lessen your carbon footprint before and after you arrive. Even if you’re tempted to fly business or first class to celebrate, you’ll be leaving a 5.5-times bigger carbon footprint than an economy passenger. Not to be a downer, but you might want to bring a few fewer clothing changes than you thought. More carbon emissions will be produced by heavier planes laden with overweight cargo.

What to Pack for a More Sustainable Honeymoon

“An easy approach to help is to travel with some essentials,” Etti suggests. “These include a reusable cup, a water bottle, produce bags, a metal or bamboo straw, reusable eating cutlery, and packaging-free toiletries.” You can also use a water bottle with a filter, such as the CamelBak Eddy, to limit your usage of plastic water bottles. This reusable water bottle kills germs and parasites, as well as other yucky stuff and unpleasant odors, whether you’re filling it up with streams and lakes on a hike or simply twice that amount the water at your resort is safe to drink.

Friendly Honeymoon - Treehouse Resort

More Sustainable Honeymoon Trip Ideas to Consider

Each of these eco-conscious honeymoon ideas is as stylish as it is sustainable—and will please the personalities of every type of canoodling couple. From tire spins that lead to vineyards to cruises in the most remote parts of the world to five-star oceanfront stays on private islands—each of these eco-conscious honeymoon ideas is as stylish as it is sustainable—and will please the personalities of every type of canoodling couple.

Hurtigruten Expeditions

Hurtigruten debuted the world’s first hybrid electric-powered exploration ship in 2019 and followed it up with a second ship in 2020, which was named the world’s most environmentally friendly cruise ship. It’s excellent news for those looking for a more sustainable way to cruise. Designed by Rolls Royce and operating similarly to a hybrid automobile that shifts between fuel and a super battery to be maximally fuel-efficient, it’s good news for those looking for a more sustainable way to travel. Hurtigruten also includes all of the amenities you’d expect on a cruise ship for your honeymoons, such as exterior heated hot tubs, a gym and spa, gourmet dining selections, and an exceptionally big, well-designed guest cabin suites.

Large balconies on the latter are great for showcasing some of the world’s most magnificent landscapes, whether on one of their Antarctica, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, or even an epic Pole-to-Pole sailing voyages if you have time for a longer trip. Other environmentally friendly initiatives include the Hurtigruten being the first cruise line to eliminate single-use plastics from its ships, an almost unheard-of feat in the cruise business, and plans to launch more hybrid ships in the future.

Intrepid’s Cycle Sonoma and Napa Valley

Etti recommends that once you get to your honeymoon spot, you see whether you can move around by walking, cycling, or taking public transportation. “Substitute a toy railroad, longboat, or tuk-tuk for a private automobile.” “Taking public transportation not only allows you to exchange giggles with your neighbors in their area, but it also reduces pollution and carbon emissions,” she adds. Cycle Sonoma & the Napa Valley, offered by Intrepid, is an even more extreme option to minimize carbon emissions—it might cut your travel emissions by up to 75% compared to taking the same wine region tour by automobile.

Cycling around Northern California’s rugged coastline while you and your partner experience everything from wineries to the ocean and oak forests are ideal for more energetic types. It’s a very romantic way to see and experience Napa and Sonoma, as well as indulge in some much-needed post-nuptial wine tasting. Though it will technically increase your carbon emissions, there will be a backup vehicle available if you opt to skip one of the trips or the entire day.

Friendly Honeymoon - Treehouse Resort

Origins Costa Rica

A honeymoon at Origins immerses you in magnificent natural splendor and reminds you how we all need to work harder to rescue the earth, as it is nestled within a lush jungle and close to an active volcano. You can join the line from the boutique resort’s grounds, where the majority of the accommodations are individual villas with spectacular panorama views and fire-heated hot tubs—just one of the sustainable features seamlessly integrated into the experience.

The hotel was designed with a lot of sustainable structural bamboo, adobe walls for humidity control and to prevent air conditioning, and even recycled bottles planted under the flooring of each bungalow. They also managed to increase local vegetation by incorporating diverse plants to blend in with the already dense surrounding jungle when designing the lovely, intimate resort.

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort

There are sustainable options around the United States if you want to stay closer to home to reduce the impact of flying. One of the most dreamy and exclusive resorts is the Mohicans Treehouse Resort. This luxury cabin compound on 77 acres is within driving distance of several major cities, including Dayton, Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis. It includes string-lit tree houses, cabins, and country-style cottages.

You’ll have complete privacy no matter where you choose to snuggle up, and you can rest easy knowing that the high-design resort puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to sustainability. Passive solar architecture, radiant heat, and on-demand hot water are just a few examples, but the property’s commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle is best demonstrated by the reused materials used throughout. In terms of recycling, the site already incorporates recycled materials into its current accommodations, such as century-old barn siding, hand-hewn barn beams, windows, doors, ladders, sliding barn doors, and cupboards.

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