What Supporting Documents Do You Need To Apply For A Spanish Schengen Visa?

What Supporting Documents Do You Need To Apply For A Spanish Schengen Visa?

Everything functions in a systematic way. Following the systematic methods, the obligations are mandatory to be followed by all visa applicants. Every country differs regarding tourism, residential, work, or study visas. The process may get complex for Spanish Schengen flight reservation for visa application if the required documents are not submitted at the right time. 

Are The Requirements The Same For All Categories Of Spanish Visa? 

Yes, the requirements for all the visa applications for Spanish categories are the same. However, the visa applicant must submit legal documents based on their visa application requirement. Therefore, it is advisable that applicants read the requirements carefully, submit the documents carefully and double-check the documents before submitting them to avoid any kind of inconvenience. 

How Can The Visa Application Process Duration Be Reduced?

The visa application process can be exciting and complex at the same time. If the visa applicant carefully submits and meets the requirements, the duration is lessened, and the chances of receiving a visa are high. On the other hand, if the applicant misses out on submitting any documents, it may lead to delay or cancellation of visa.

Anyone who is planning to apply for a Spanish Schengen visa or the application is in progress and stuck at any stage of the application process, scroll down and get closer to your dream destination.

The Documents Required Are As Follows:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Proof of accommodation 
  3. Flight reservation
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Submission of online application form and
  6. Receipt proving payment of visa application.

Failure/Missing submission of any of the above mentioned documents might lead the visa applicant’s process to prolong for longer than usual or cancellation.

Cover Letter:

For any category of visa application, a cover letter is necessary. Failure to submit a cover letter would result in cancellation of the visa process or delay. So whether the Officer asks or not, it is preferable to submit the cover letter.

Proof Of Accommodation:

It is beneficial for both: visa applicant and the Officer. For the visa applicant, it makes their visa application process quick and smooth. They get the idea of where they will stay, and the estimated trip cost is also calculated, enabling them to remain within budget. While for the Officer, the proof of accommodation works differently. It lets them know about your trip plan, duration of stay, and dates when you are willing to fly.

Flight Reservation:

To avoid cancellation of the visa process, an applicant must submit a flight itinerary. It saves the visa applicant time and money. To secure your Spanish visa, do not miss out on submitting the flight itinerary for visa application.

Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance for visa is beneficial for both officers and visa applicants. Now you must be wondering why it is beneficial for the officers. Well, it helps add to the Officer’s knowledge that you are responsible for your acts and belongings entering Spain. While for the visa applicant, it assures that they can bear expenses of any kind of risks such as luggage claim, etc.

Online Application Form:

When applying for a Spanish Schengen visa, submitting an online application form is also mandatory as it is the first step connecting you to other visa processing stages. For the officers in Spain, before your documents reach them, your application is the first thing that they read and evaluate your visa application. 

Receipt Proving Payment Of Visa Application:

When you have applied for the visa process and gone through the tiring steps of uploading the documents, if you do not pay the fee, your application goes to the dustbin. Therefore, we recommend submitting the payment receipt so that your application remains in the cart and reaches the final destination.


Visa applicants must re-check their documents before submitting them. While uploading documents, they must check for the expiration dates. Also, while uploading the documents, consider the file size as demanded on the application form. Sometimes the document size, if inappropriate, would also hold your application from further processing.

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