What are the service robotics market affecting factors?

service robotics market

Service robots are intelligent, automated devices that have been trained to support human labour in a variety of settings, including domestic, domestic, healthcare, medical, construction, logistics, and entertainment. These robots are made to carry out a variety of procedures, risky activities, and boring duties in many industries. By implementing service robots, businesses may improve efficiency and quality while reducing human error. These service robots are used for a variety of tasks, including bomb detection and defusing, surgical product assembly, product inspection, surgical procedures, cleaning, and home duties.


The service robotics  market is likely to continue to rise as a result of factors such the rising adoption of robots in new applications with high returns on investment, the growing use of IoT in robots for cost-effective analytical maintenance, and the rising investment in robot research. Additionally, it is projected that the service robotics market would rise over the course of the forecast period due to the expansion of insurance coverage for medical exoskeletons and robotic procedures. However, one of the reasons most likely predicted to restrain the expansion of the service robots market in the timeframe period is the concerns about data confidentiality and regulations.

Opportunities in service robotics market

The rise in the use of robots for companionship, assistance for the elderly, and handicap assistance, as well as the focus on enhancing the robots’ endurance and range of motion, as well as the adoption of swarm intelligence technology that enables the robots to carry out a variety of complex tasks with ease, will all create lucrative growth opportunities for the service robotics market over the coming years.

Factors affecting service robotics market

  • The use in crucial surgical procedures and the inaccurate outcomes that prove to be a barrier may further impede the expansion of the service robots market in the approaching years. The market has challenges due to the high initial cost involved in the development of the robots and the high maintenance cost. 
  • The technical difficulties that these automated devices encounter during their operations act as a barrier for the human mind when it comes to making additional judgements. Lack of knowledge about the processes and systems used by these automated equipment prevents the market from expanding. 
  • Lack of uniformity in these robots’ operating methods and functionalities might cause the market to contract throughout the forecasted period.

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Report Highlights

  • On the basis of the kind, the professional robot segment holds a bigger market share and it is predicted to expand well over the projection period. The primary driver of this market’s expansion is the rising need for service robots across a variety of sectors, including logistics, the defence sector, healthcare, and construction. 
  • The demand for this market sector is further being driven by the rising cost of labour, rising investments for research & development, and the scarcity of trained personnel. Due to its application in the residential sector, the personal robot segment is also anticipated to expand considerably throughout the projected period. These robots are ideal for lawn mowing, pool cleaning, entertainment etc.
  • In nations like America and several other nations in the European area, there is a significant potential for the expansion of these personal robots.
  • The industrial or commercial category is anticipated to establish its dominance on the basis of application over the forecast period. Robots are widely used in a variety of sectors, including logistics and transportation, healthcare, building and demolition, defence, and agriculture.

Market Analysis and Insights

  • During the anticipated period of 2021 to 2028, the service robots market is anticipated to increase at a rate of 34.55%. A research by Data Bridge Market Research on the service robotics industry offers analysis and insights into the numerous elements that are anticipated to be present throughout the course of the forecast period as well as their effects on the market’s growth.
  • Service robots are those built to help people and carry out practical duties, doing away with industrial and production automation.

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