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Yet there’s always more to explore, and I was happy to get some in-depth Intel from my friend who moved here a couple of years ago. This San Antonio native showed me the best of her city, including how to experience the river walk, which is truly the heart of San Antonio. We strolled two miles along its banks and learned about its history through a tour with a fabulous guide, who showed us just how much this river means to the city. (Spoiler alert: It means a lot.) Of course, we also took a boat ride down the waterway itself before heading back to our home base on the outskirts of downtown San Antonio Hotel Emma at Pearl Brewery

The Focal Point of San Antonio’s Public Spaces

The San Antonio River bisects the city and is a focal point of San Antonio’s public spaces. The River Walk winds along the banks of this perennial waterway, which has been an integral part of human life in Texas for thousands of years. From its origins as a practical means for transporting goods and people across the city, today it also serves as a much loved recreational area where residents and visitors can enjoy many different types of activities.

With over 300 miles (483 kilometers) of shoreline along its banks, there are many places where you can take advantage of everything that this beautiful river has to offer!

San Antonio River

The river walk generally refers to an area along the San Antonio River. It’s a popular tourist destination and a great place to stroll and people watch, as well as eat and drink.

The Tour is a Journey through Time

The tour is a journey through time, and some of the stories are hilarious. The guides have lived in San Antonio for many years, and they know all sorts of legends about the city. You’ll learn about the history of Texas, as well as hear hilarious anecdotes from their own lives.

The tour isn’t just about the river walk it’s also about learning about the people who live here.

Our guide was super knowledgeable on everything from history to Spanish, period clothing and weaponry to medicinal plants.

Our guide was super knowledgeable on everything from history to Spanish, period clothing and weaponry to medicinal plants. He explained the history of San Antonio in great detail and how it relates to the Alamo. We learned what life was like for Native Americans, the Spanish explorers, and settlers, and later American immigrants like Sam Houston who fought for Texas’ independence from Mexico.

I enjoyed hearing about all of these stories because I’ve always had a strong interest in history but thought I knew almost everything about our country’s past already turns out there were lots of little details that I either hadn’t heard before or had forgotten!

While walking around downtown we stopped at several historic locations including one where Stephen F Austin wrote some letters that would eventually lead him into conflict with Mexico over land rights (a story which also plays out at The Alamo).

The Main Attraction and Hopped Aboard a River Cruiser

We wanted to experience the main attraction and hopped aboard a river cruiser. There are many different types of river cruises in San Antonio; some of them include historical tours of the city, while others focus on its culture and history. The best part? You can even throw in a little sightseeing on your way home from work by hopping onto one that stops near your house!

The city’s beautiful architecture and natural views make it ideal for these cruises. There are also plenty of restaurants along the way where you can stop off for dinner or drinks after a long day at work or during! You could always just stop by one place for lunch and another place for dinner if that sounds better to you than having two meals at once (you might not want all those calories).

River Walk

A popular tourist attraction in San Antonio, the River Walk is a great way to see the city. A walk along it will take you through several plazas and parks, as well as shops and restaurants. We made it just in time to find seats on the top deck for our ride down River Walk and back to El Tropicano Hotel.

When you’re surrounded by sunshine, puffy clouds, and lush trees, you can’t help but vicariously soak up the energy of this city

San Antonio is a great place to visit. The River Walk is a great place to spend time with friends and family. The River Walk is very popular among locals and tourists alike, who come to stroll along its brick paths and enjoy the many restaurants, bars, and shops that line its banks.

As you saunter down the river’s edge, you’ll notice that San Antonio’s cityscape changes dramatically throughout a single block from Spanish Colonial architecture on one side of the street to low-slung ranch houses on another; from modern skyscrapers to historic missions; from industrial warehouses to trendy apartments; from quiet neighborhoods full of adobe homes tucked behind walls of thick vegetation to bustling streets lined with contemporary buildings fronted by stone fountains or lush gardens bursting with color.”

San Antonio is a Special Place to Visit

San Antonio is a city in the U.S. state of Texas, the seventh-most populated city in the United States of America, the second-most populous city in Texas, and the largest city in the South. San Antonio is the fastest-growing of the nation’s top ten largest cities. The city has a rich history that dates back to its founding by Spanish colonists in 1718 who named it after Saint Anthony of Padua.


The Texas heat will be a challenge for any runner, but as long as you’re ready to hydrate and take it easy, you’ll enjoy every minute of what this city has to offer.

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