The Beautiful Capital of Saudi-Arab ‘Riyadh’

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Located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, the capital Riyadh is a blend of ancient and modern, home to both the historical roots of the kingdom and a modern-day metropolis. In Riyadh, history and heritage come alive in the most contemporary of ways.

Al Masmak Fortress

Dotted across the city and its suburbs are landmarks of the birth of the nation. Al Masmak Fortress stands tall amongst those sites, a 150-year-old clay and mud citadel in the city’s old quarter, it’s an iconic reminder of Saudi’s past. Now a museum, this is a perfect spot to begin a visit to Riyadh.

Souq Al Zal

No trip to any Middle eastern city is ever total without a meander through its showcase. Riyadh’s Souq Al Zal offers conventional crafted works, flavors and incense, conventional clothing, collectibles, and a wide cluster of woven carpets, mats, and embroidered works of art.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

The King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre is a region in al-Murabba, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is not the “historic center” of the city as this lies to the south around Masmak fort and the main Friday Mosque in the Dira district. The origin of the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre is the former compound of Murabbaba Palace, which was built in 1936/37 by King Abdul Aziz about 1.5 km to the north of the old city and well outside the then still existing city walls.

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia tells the story of the kingdom from ancient times to advanced day, through eight displays encased in a pioneer building. For culture darlings, this is often a reminiscent involvement that highlights both changeless collections and a list of going-by presentations. Beat the swarms by going on weekdays.

Najd Village restaurant

Riyadh is domestic to the riches of eateries, extending from road nourishment to fine feasting, but Najd Town Eatery is the leading put to encounter conventional neighborhood dishes. The dishes at Najd are arranged by gifted neighborhood chefs for an exceptional devour in a bona fide space – Saudi feasting at its most memorable.

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