15 Romantic Activities for Couples in Dallas

Couple's Massage

Go for a Massage at the Adolphus Hotel

For your romantic massage, head to the Adolphus Hotel day spa, which offers a wide range of services for couples. All of their spa treatments are provided in private suites and include a private steam shower and relaxation lounge where you can relax before or after your service.

The Adolphus Hotel day spa is open Tuesday through Saturday between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. It’s conveniently located at 1321 Commerce Street in Downtown Dallas.

One of the most popular services provided here is the couple’s massage, which allows you and your loved one to enjoy a side-by-side treatment. Couples massages cost $230 per person for an hour or $340 per person for 90 minutes. The tip is not included in this price but should be given separately at approximately 20% of the total dollar amount of the service.

You may also want to add on additional services such as an aroma stone therapy treatment, hot stones, or a therapeutic scalp massage for an additional cost.

To receive any type of treatment at Adolphus Hotel day spa, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old (or accompanied by a parent or guardian) and provide photo identification upon arrival. You’ll also need to fill out some paperwork regarding your health before receiving any kind of service from them. If you’re pregnant or have certain medical conditions that could be affected by certain treatments like deep tissue massages, this establishment will likely either refuse to provide these treatments for you or require clearance from your doctor before doing so.

Dine in the Dark at So Misu Dallas

In the mood to be surprised? You and your partner can dine in the dark at So Misu Dallas. This restaurant offers an experience where you cannot see your meals. Your eyesight is taken away, leaving you to only taste, smell, and touch. Dining in the dark also lets you have a deeper conversation with your significant other because of the lack of visual stimulation from electronics such as phones and televisions.

So Misu Dallas is located downtown on Elm Street near the West End Station. They offer lunch from Monday through Friday from 11:00 am until 2:30 pm and dinner on Saturdays from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Lunch prices range from $15 to $20 for each person; dinner prices range from $55 to $75 per person, and wine pairing costs approximately $35 per person (prices subject to change). To make reservations, visit https://www.somisudallas.com or call (469) 710-9498 during business hours.

This restaurant has limited seating so make sure that you arrive early if you do not have a reservation or plan by making one online before going there in person or calling their office number listed above during business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00 am until 5:00 pm).

Couple's Massage

Catch a Concert at the Majestic Theater

  • Catch a concert at the Majestic Theater (1925 Elm Street): Majestic Theatre is a concert hall in Dallas and one of the city’s oldest live music venues. Built in 1921, the theater originally served as a vaudeville house, screening silent films and hosting stage shows. Today, it is considered one of Dallas’s best places to hear live music.
  • Tour the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art (3109 Carlisle St.): This museum is dedicated to abstract art that explores geometric shapes and dimensions. It hosts exhibits by local artists as well as international artists from South America, Europe, Russia, and Asia.
  • Visit the Nasher Sculpture Center (2001 Flora Street): Established by Raymond Nasher in 2003, this center houses a large collection of modern sculptures from around the world. The collection features work by renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, and Alberto Giacometti. The museum also regularly hosts special exhibitions with works from Monet, Rodin, and others on view throughout 2019.

Take a Cooking Class Together

Many couples enjoy cooking together as a fun way to spend time together and make delicious food. Taking a class can help to make it even more special by giving you new ways of working together in the kitchen, teaching you skills you didn’t know you had, and even inspiring future meals at home. Classes are a great way to bond with each other while learning something new!

In Dallas, there are several options available. If you’re celebrating an anniversary or Valentine’s Day then there’s no better place than Celebration Restaurant where they host romantic dinners and wine tastings every year on both holidays (and many others).

If neither of those sounds like what you’re looking for, maybe something more casual like The Stirring Spoon would fit with your couple’s date night better! This local bakery offers classes on everything from making cakes to cupcakes so there is something for everyone here too!

Spend a Day Wandering the Nasher Sculpture Center

  • Spend a day wandering the Nasher Sculpture Center.

The first thing to note about this museum is that it’s free. You can’t beat that, and it makes a great date if you’re working with limited funds or want to get out of the house but not spend too much. This lovely space is open from 11 am to 5 pm Wednesday through Sunday and showcases sculptures from some of history’s most famous artists like Picasso, Matisse, and Rodin. The collection is vast—you’ll be able to view hundreds of pieces in their permanent collection—and varied; for example, on display will be archaic Chinese jades alongside Brancusi’s ‘Bird in Space’ series. If you’re a fan of sculpture and art exhibits then this place is a must-see when you’re in Dallas! In addition to their regular gallery hours, the Nasher offers free admission every Wednesday evening from 5 pm to 9 pm as part of Target First Saturdays.

The Nasher Sculpture Center isn’t just an exhibit space; they are also home to many educational programs including:

  • An Artist Residency program that serves as a think tank for artists.
  • The Nasher Prize is awarded annually to an artist who makes significant contributions to contemporary sculpture.
  • The XChange provides grants for temporary public art installations around Dallas by local artists.

Have a Picnic at Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park is centrally located in Dallas, so it’s easy to make a day of it. You could plan a picnic on the lawn or dine at the park’s renowned food trucks. There are also plenty of spots for you and your significant other to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Bring some board games to play once you’ve finished eating, kick back in one of the many green spaces, or catch a free yoga class together. Klyde Warren Park is also a great place to enjoy live music events, making it an ideal spot for young couples who want to spend time together without spending much money at all.

Couple's Massage

Sip Cocktails and Share Oysters at The Taschen Library

Start your evening at The Taschen Library, a boutique store selling art books and magazines. Though it may be difficult to resist browsing the selection in the shop, head straight to the bar in the back of the space. There you’ll find an intimate lounge with a well-curated cocktail menu and a rotating list of oysters that pair perfectly with their drinks. After cozying up by their fireplace, this spot would be perfect for meandering over to one of Dallas’ many art galleries or theaters for date-night entertainment.

Tour the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

A mere three miles from downtown, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden feature a 66-acre garden area with more than 500 varieties of native and imported plants. The grounds include 19 distinct garden areas, including displays that are both seasonal and permanent. Tours of the gardens are available by golf cart for an additional fee (rather than walking the grounds) if you have mobility issues. There are several restaurants onsite, a variety of sculptures and fountains, ponds with waterfalls, and many other attractions to take in while strolling the park grounds.

Take an Aerial Yoga Class Together

Bring some adventure into your relationship. Aerial yoga is a good date night activity for couples who want to try something new together. You get to do an activity you’ve never done before in a safe, controlled environment where everyone is learning the same things. The instructor will give you rules and guidelines on how to handle the hammock, which is usually made of silky material that’s super soft and easy on the skin. Generally, aerial yoga classes are structured so you start practicing simple poses while supported by the hammock and work your way up as you feel more comfortable with it.

Yoga can be either physically or mentally challenging because you have to keep yourself focused on breathing deeply and moving your body into specific positions (poses). While aerial yoga isn’t as intense as traditional yoga classes, it still has its benefits: increased flexibility, improved strength in core muscles like abs and lower back support muscles like glutes and hamstrings; relief from stress caused by work/school/family life, etc.; better cardiovascular health; better posture; reduced risk of injuries since you’re strengthening connective tissues around joints; improved balance through regular practice over time; faster metabolism due to physical exertion involved with exercising regularly; mental clarity from focusing on correct breathing patterns during each pose which helps center mind body spirit connection required for mindful meditation practices.

Go Dancing Together at Beauty Bar

  • Meet your date at this cozy bar with a dance floor in the back. There is a small cover charge, depending on the night of the week.
  • Once inside, head straight to the jukebox and choose some songs that you both love. You’ll want music that’s easy to dance to but also allows you to chat between dances (or even while dancing).
  • Get drinks from either the bar or one of two drink carts (yes, two!) and bring them over to one of the many tables with stools scattered around so you can have a seat and continue getting to know each other better. If you’re hungry, order one of the grilled cheese sandwiches or sliders available for purchase.
  • Once your song comes up on the jukebox, head out onto the dance floor where there will likely be many people already dancing and having fun—including couples! Don’t be shy; just move your body however feels natural, whether it’s slow-dancing or just swaying together while holding hands.
  • Enjoy more songs if you wish!
Couple's Massage

Spend an Evening at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Spend an evening at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (2301 Flora St) for some of the best classical music in the state. If you are interested in seeing a specific performance, check out their website and make sure it is playing a show that fits your tastes. They have many different types of performances throughout the year, so you may want to purchase tickets for their annual holiday shows or special performances with well-known classical musicians. Ticket prices vary; however, they can be found on Google starting as low as $23 per person. Many people who attend these events either walk there or take an Uber/Lyft because parking is difficult to find nearby, but there are some garages just north of here where you can park if you drive yourself.

Walkthrough the Dallas Museum of Art

If you are a couple who enjoys fine art, then the Dallas Museum of Art is the place for you. The Dallas Museum of Art is the largest art museum in Texas and houses more than 24,000 pieces of fine and decorative art. The museum is located at 1717 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201.

The Dallas Museum of Art offers programs throughout the week where they showcase different exhibits and give a talk about the featured works. This can be an excellent way to discover new artists and learn new things while having a fun date night out with your significant other.

The museum also has special shows that focus on a specific artist or genre of artwork. These exhibits offer an insight into what that particular artist was trying to convey through their work.

See a show at AT&T Performing Arts Center. Image by Sompong Hanprasert via Pixabay used under CC0 Public Domain license (https://pixabay.com/en/users/sompong-hanprasert-10303859/)

Whether it’s a stand-up comedian, a musical group, or an opera, the AT&T Performing Arts Center is sure to be hosting something you and your date will enjoy. If you want to see what’s playing when you visit Dallas, check out their calendar of upcoming events.

You can get tickets by visiting the box office in person, calling 214-880-0202, or visiting https://www.attpac.org/buy-tickets/.

The AT&T Center is located in downtown Dallas at 2403 Flora Street, but we suggest eating in nearby Deep Ellum before the show to make the most of your date night! Park near Deep Ellum and consider taking an Uber or Lyft to avoid having to find parking downtown.

Runaway to White Rock Lake with your beau. Image by Kevin Via Flickr used under CC BY 2.0 license (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kevincole_photo/4311470324/)

White Rock Lake is a beautiful place to escape the city and spend a romantic afternoon with your partner. There are several trails around the lake for you to walk. There are also many picnic tables near the trailheads if you would like to have a picnic. White Rock Lake is popular with joggers and bikers as well, so if you enjoy these activities, you can jog or bike together along the trail around the lake as well. Just keep in mind that bicycles must stay on the paved area of paths, not on hiking trails.

The park also has a large playground for children, which means that if you have kids and would like to bring them with you, there will be plenty of space for them to play while you sit in the shade. While people do go out running or biking at night sometimes, it isn’t recommended because it can be dangerous due to the lack of lighting on some of the trails.

If You’re Looking for Love, it Can be Found in Dallas

You and your sweetie are sure to be inspired in a city of arts, culture, vibrancy, neighborhoods, and food. The Big D is perfect for romance!

Dallas is filled with a diversity of experiences that will fuel your desire to get out there and give yourselves some quality time together. Some may think it’s hard to find romance in a city like Dallas, but we’re here to show you how easy it can be.

See a play or musical at the historic Majestic Theatre. Take in the panoramic views from the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck. Or sample gourmet chocolate truffles from one of many local chocolatiers like Dude Sweet Chocolate or Kate Weiser Chocolate. If you’re adventurous, head over to Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park where you can experience thrilling activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, and more!

The options are endless when it comes to creating memories together as a couple in Dallas!

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