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Portugal is gearing up for travel as it prepares to reopen to tourists in early May. The country, which has been a favorite among European vacationers, announced earlier that full vaccination will be required for visitors over the age of 12 starting May 17.

A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival will also be mandatory.

Portugal’s neighbor, Spain, is also working on a plan that would allow vaccinated travelers back into the country by summer. The nation has confirmed they are looking at vaccination passports and other safe “green certificates” options similar to what Greece plans to implement in May.

Airlines Will Have to Provide the Crew With Personal Protective Equipment

Airlines must also provide employees with PPE such as face masks, gloves, and face shields. These should be used by both crew and passengers and changed regularly. The crew must also be trained on how to wear PPE properly, including the correct handling of waste.

The country’s tourism ministry has also published guidelines for travel agencies, tour operators, and tourist transportation providers to follow when they resume operations this summer to reduce the risk of spreading the virus among guests.

Airlines Must Provide Paper Copies of Forms Required by Travelers

  • Airlines must provide paper copies of health forms required by travelers.
  • Travelers will be required to fill out a health form before departure and submit it digitally on paper upon arrival.
  • Health forms must be submitted before departure from the country.
  • Airlines are responsible for ensuring that each traveler has a completed form before boarding, and will face fines if they do not comply with this rule.

Travelers Will be Asked to Fill Out Forms Before They Leave the Country

Before they leave their country of residence, travelers will be required to fill out a form called the Passenger Locator Form. This form will ask for personal information like your name and address, as well as details like where you’re planning on staying in Portugal, who you’ll be visiting (if anyone), and which air carrier you’ll be flying with.

Travelers should also fill out a health declaration form before leaving their country of residence. This will require them to declare that they have not tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days or been in contact with someone who has tested positive during that period. People are also asked to submit their travel itinerary, which should include proof of onward travel to a final destination if they don’t yet have confirmed plans after arriving in Portugal.

Forms can be filled out on the Portuguese government’s website before departure, or by scanning QR codes available at airports upon arrival. The forms must be submitted online before boarding a flight into Portugal. Visitors who do not submit their forms electronically can purchase prepaid SIM cards at Lisbon Airport and Porto Airport so they can submit them online once they land in Portugal.

Countries That are on Portugal’s “Green List” Won’t Have to Quarantine

In addition, travelers from countries on Portugal’s “green list” won’t have to quarantine. The health ministry will regularly update that list. It will be based on WHO guidelines and take into account COVID-19 infection rates and other factors.

The green list currently includes the following countries: Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, China, Costa Rica, Georgia (Republic of), Iceland, Japan, Kuwait, Maldives (Republic of), Mauritius Island (Republic of), New Zealand (Realm of), Qatar State of), Rwanda (Republic of), Samoa (Independent State of), the Saudi Arabia Kingdom of), Seychelles (Republic of) the South Korea Republic of) the Thailand Kingdom of) the Tunisia Republic Of ) the Uruguay Oriental Republic Of ), United Arab Emirates).

Portugal has strict requirements for people who do need to quarantine after traveling there: They must return a negative result from a COVID-19 test as well as fill out a form with their details and travel information. The Portuguese government also requires travelers arriving from certain destinations to take a COVID-19 test at the airport before they travel further in the country.

Portugal Announced These New Measures to Ensure a Safer Travel Season

Portugal recently announced a slew of new rules and requirements for travelers that it hopes will make the upcoming travel season safer, more efficient, more enjoyable, and contribute to the economic recovery. These measures include:

  • Testing those traveling from high-risk countries.
  • Relaxing restrictions for vaccinated travelers from other European countries.
  • Implementing a digital green pass system.

When a country has to reinforce its security measures before the travel season starts, it’s a sign that times are changing. It’s also a testament to a growing awareness of the threat of terrorism. As we’ve seen in recent years, no country is immune, and now governments are taking proactive steps to safeguard people when they travel abroad. If you’re planning on traveling this summer, it might be worth your time to stay up-to-date on new travel policies and regulations as more countries are likely to update theirs.

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