A Local’s Guide to Marrickville, Sydney’s Coolest Suburb

Sydney Park

The Breweries

Those are just four of the many great breweries in Marrickville, and we feel like they all deserve to be mentioned, because they’re all so different, and each has something special to offer. Young Henrys is a truly original brewery, with its own distinct style of ales that has literally been crafted over the span of five generations. Batch Brewing Co. is one of our favorite new additions to the area, serving great beers from microbreweries from around the world. The Grifter Brewing Co., meanwhile, produces a range of styles that appeal to every beer lover—it’s one of our favorite places for fresh and interesting brews! You can choose your favorites from any or all these establishments, depending on what suits your mood at any given time—or if you want to do some exploring. Our whole area is full of plenty more local brews as well; you’ll find a mustier selection in this neighborhood than anywhere else in Sydney.

The Bars

  • Bars are the best way to get a feel for the local community, so head straight to The Henson. It’s a popular local hangout in Marrickville that has a great atmosphere and serves up some of Sydney’s best craft beers. There are always plenty of locals hanging out at The Henson, especially on weekends when there is live music performed, so it’s a great place to meet people from the area and find out where you should be heading next.

The Restaurants

  • Bovine & Swine — American
  • Marrickville
  • \$31 to \$60
  • Open now!
  • This lively, unpretentious spot is known for its wood-fired pizzas and on-tap beers, but there’s a little something for everyone here—even the vegan and gluten-free in your group (or if those are you). The menu changes seasonally (you won’t find hot, summery dishes like the pork ragu pasta in winter), but it’s always fresh, well presented, and made with care. Word on the street is they’re also doing takeaway meals now during COVID times.

The Cafes

In Marrickville, Sydney’s coolest suburb, you’ll find a unique house-party vibe that attracts people from across the city and even the world. This is a place where you can receive an affogato after your shift at work, go to a black coffee shop for your morning caffeine fix, or meet up with some friends over a latte. If that isn’t enough to get you there, it’s also home to several cafés and restaurants serving everything from flat whites and macchiatos to whiskey shakes or even liquor. In short, it’s almost too perfect!

So here is my guide to the best places in Marrickville:

The Markets

Marrickville is home to one of Sydney’s best markets, the Marrickville Organic Markets. Held every Sunday morning at Addison Road Community Centre, this market will be sure to delight even the most critical foodie. The market is run by Food Connect and aims to connect shoppers directly with local farmers. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast made from fresh ingredients while listening to music from local musicians.

Sydney Park

The Parks

Marrickville is a suburb that takes pride in its parks. Locals love to spend time in the abundant green spaces, which are well-kept by the council. This is even more remarkable considering the size of some of these parks; Marrickville is quite densely populated, so you’d be forgiven for assuming that park space would come at a premium here. But you would be wrong! Below are some options:

Enmore Park

One of the most popular dog-walking spots in Sydney, this park’s large grassy area means that despite its popularity it never gets too crowded. The park also has picnic tables and BBQs, making it a top choice for weekend afternoon get-togethers. Enmore Park also hosts many free events such as outdoor movies and live music performances during summer.

Marrickville Peace Park

The largest park in Newtown/Marrickville, this one features an outdoor gym and large field area used for many different sports throughout the week and on weekends (it’s quite common to see bocce games happening). There are also basketball courts here as well as a skate park!

Sydney Park

Trumper Park

A smaller but still beloved Marrickville gem located next to Sydney University’s main campus (Sydney Uni). It’s not uncommon to see students studying or having picnics here on sunny afternoons (the lawn is perfect for sunbathers).

The Other Parks

As well as the three big parks listed in the previous section, Marrickville has a number of smaller green spaces and parks. Enmore Park is a popular spot for live music and sporting events, while Sydney Park features bike paths, wetlands, and urban wildlife. (The ducks are notorious thieves, so keep your sandwiches safe.) Henson Park is where you’ll find the local rugby league team’s headquarters as well as their home ground.

Steel Park is a bit different, running alongside Tempe railway station with an all-weather sports field and some tennis courts. You can also get to Cooks River from here via cycle track or footpaths.

If you’re into golf, Marrickville Golf Course could be your new favorite place; if not, it’s at least worth checking out the tram sheds on its southern edge (along Sydenham Road). These have been converted into artist studios and performance venues that host regular markets on weekends selling arts and crafts made by local artisans.

The Architecture

One of the most striking aspects of Marrickville is its richly varied architecture. The Spanish mission-style church on the main drag, St. Maroun’s, is one of my favorite parts of the neighborhood. It’s a gorgeous building that feels like it should be in LA rather than Sydney. It almost makes me believe in God! Across the street from that are an array of old factory buildings, many of which have been converted into apartments or businesses. There’s also no shortage of classic terrace houses, many featuring bushes with flowers and vines hanging out front. The area has a good mix of old and new architecture, which means you’ll see stuff like this modern metal-looking building right next to bits that look like they’re straight out of England in the 1800s:

You Need to Visit Marrickville Now!

With a wide variety of activities available, there’s no reason not to go. You can learn about the history of brewing and distilling in Australia, as well as sample some unique craft beers brewed on-site at Batch Brewing Company or Willie the Boatman’s Brew Pub. Enjoy peace and quiet at Marrickville Peace Park, or explore the local music scene by visiting one of many live music venues across the suburb’s signature streets like Enmore Road and Illawarra Road. Foodies will love visiting contemporary Italian restaurant Fiorentina for a delicious taste of Italy, or dine al-fresco with friends at one of many cafes and restaurants along Dulwich Hill’s Addison Road Strip.

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