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Lara is the most modernized ladies hostel in Coimbatore for those looking for a low-cost hostel close to their needs with 24 hour security.¬†With time, the needs and expectations of hotels have grown and become rarer as the world has changed and people’s expectations have changed. These days, hostels often offer a better experience than hotels. If you are searching for a cost-effective and budget-friendly ladies hostel in Coimbatore, then you can look at Lara. We have been rated as the best girls’ hostel in Coimbatore for over 10 years and are well respected among all.

Hostels got a bad rep decades ago. Many people who stayed in hostels believed that they were run-down, dirty places with teenage houses. How to find these great hostels How to make a great hostel

Hostels are a haven for travelers. The social aspect of hostels makes them an affordable alternative to hotels. Here are the eight acceptable reasons.

Hostels are the cheapest and best option.

When you have to stay there for your travel needs, if you are traveling alone or with a couple of friends, why should you stay in a hotel when hostels are a fraction of the cost? Hostels save money by having you stay in shared dormitories, which saves you even more money.

Although a hostel does not have the facilities you would find in a hotel, there is no shortage of hostels to stay at.

What Services Does a Hostel Provide?

  • Free Breakfast
  • Group study/games activities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Separate cupboards and lockers
  • RO drinking water and hot water facilities for bathing
  • Washing machine facility

Hostel Suitable for All Ages

Generally, people have the idea that hostels are only for young people, but that is just a myth. Hostels are common to all people of all age groups and are very suitable and comfortable places to stay. The facilities in hostels are expected to improve in the coming year 2023.

To be clear, many hostels that were named youth hostels have now changed their name to just hostels. because hostels aren’t just for the young anymore. Youth hostels cater to parties, competitions, design, hostels, and more. In an average hostel, you can meet anyone from a new traveler heading out of high school to a grizzled senior citizen.

Hostels aren’t just an eye-catcher for onlookers; some stay longer for business, vision benefits, and study abroad, and more families are using hostels. Laws generally prevent children and teens from staying alone, though many hostels allow minors once they reach adulthood.

Live Like a Local

When you stay in hostels, you get the culture and experience of that town. Can you believe it? Yes, when you stay in hostels, you get to interact with the locals and slowly learn their culture and get used to it.

It is common to stay in hostels where there are more foreigners than locals. It can also be a great way to get travel tips for future trips, where you can share about your country as others tell you about theirs. And it also shows the importance of hostel life. You may be staying at a hostel for business, school, or travel. But when the day is over, it’s more fun to spend the evening with your neighbors at your hostel. You can’t say the same about a hostel.

Hostels are very safe.

Are hostels dangerous? Naturally, this statement is completely false. This is the concern of first-time hostel stayers; although sharing a room with people you’ve just met might be a different experience, that doesn’t mean hostels are unsafe.

  • 24/7 security guards
  • CCTV camera facility
  • Door locks on individual rooms
  • ID card for the check-in

Often hostels also offer lockers or luggage storage, which may be for a small fee or already included in your price. Hostels are usually smaller than hotels, which makes it easier to find someone who doesn’t belong. Staying with others also offers safety in and of itself, as not many people are likely to experience these disturbances. You may feel even more uncomfortable sharing a dorm room with moms. They often offer private rooms at a higher price than hotels.

Hostels are ideal for urgent trips and last-minute city trips.

If you book a hotel within a short period, you may be charged a facility fee, which is not very convenient for your pockets. On the other hand, you will still get good contractors in a hostel. Most people will accept sentences most of the time. A big family-run hostel usually reduces them at the end of the day. After all, a cheap booking is better than no booking at all. Hostels usually reserve some of their available beds online specifically for walk-ins, although if you’re traveling during peak season, you should book at least a few days in advance.

They are Convenient

Hostels generally save you travel time and travel costs, so you can expect to be within walking distance of many places, which means you can save on local transportation. Some hostels also offer bike rentals or shuttle services to places you can’t walk to.

You don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant for every meal because hostels always offer a kitchen where you can store and prepare your food. Another advantage is that hostels are usually found in the suburbs or off the main streets. You’ll still be close to the action, but you’ll be able to sleep in a place where you won’t have to listen to bar music all night.


Check out our six helpful tips above, and you’ll know why hostels are better than gold lodges. And if you want to know more details about hostels, visit our official website. We are the best ladies hostel in Coimbatore, designed as a safe and peaceful environment with extra security, complete with all the facilities duly recognized by the government. Call For book your hostel 8807497949, 97902 23529 or visit

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