Laundry service in second to doing the dishes when most Britons are asked about their least favourite household chore. The monotony of ironing all of one’s washed clothes once they emerge from the dryer, or the hassle of sorting whites from darks, are two potential reasons why people dread doing laundry. In any case, if given the option, the vast majority of people would choose not to do laundry. to crank on the washing machine! What I want to know is whether or not this inevitable outcome is the only possible one. Not at all! Because the average Londoner these days is so busy, Gold Dry Cleaners offers convenient wash and fold services. We collect your clothes, wash them, dry them, and then deliver them back to you, all within a day, as this is our standard turnaround time. Oh, that’s so handy! In this article, we’ll go over some of the best reasons to use a laundry service. This article is for you if you constantly have dirty clothes piling up and hate reading care labels.

The upsides of hiring a laundry service:


Laundry services that wash, dry, and fold your clothes have become synonymous with ease. Can you picture a world where you can simply press a button and your clean, freshly laundered clothes appear the next day, ready to be hung up in your closet or folded and stored away in your drawers? In other words, you no longer need to stress out over juggling work and household responsibilities, or look at care symbols because you have so many chores to complete. In order to schedule a pickup and delivery time, please visit our website at, add the desired services to your shopping cart, and then click on the “Checkout” button. Our goal is to make your life easier, which is why we are flexible with your schedule. Is there a chance you might not be there? Sure, no sweat. The driver always calls to double-check, and if we need to change the time, we can. We’re here to make things as easy as possible for you.

Faster results

Doing the laundry is a time-consuming chore. The laundry process is time-consuming because of the washing, drying, ironing, and refolding, hanging, and organising that follows. Wash and fold services are convenient because they save you time, and some dry cleaners, like Gold Dry Cleaners, offer 24-hour turnaround times. With our speedy laundry delivery service, you’ll soon have clean clothes again.


Affordability is, of course, relative, and it depends on factors such as how much you value convenience. While it’s true that hiring a dry cleaner can help you save money on utilities, detergent, and fabric softener, among other things, the costs can add up quickly when you factor in things like pick-up and delivery fees or extra fees for cleaning at odd hours. It’s in your best interest to shop around until you find a provider that meets your needs at a price that fits comfortably within your budget. You can save money over time with some laundry services if you sign up for their loyalty or rewards programmes.

If your order total is over £30, Gold Dry Cleaners will pick it up and drop it off at no cost to you. Our prices are low, and we offer discounts for large orders. The price of two 8-kilogram bags of wash-and-fold laundry is just £28 instead of the usual price of £15 for a single bag.

Competent Expertise (no mess ups)

Are you prone to making blunders in the laundry room? Did you ever overdo it with the detergent and end up with stiff clothes? With the help of a professional laundry service, you can put your laundry woes in the past. Professionals are on hand to clean your clothes to perfection using tried and true washing procedures. They are also knowledgeable about which fabrics respond best to which cleaning techniques. Clothing is guaranteed to arrive clean and spotless.

Conditions/Requirements Unique

Most companies that offer a professional wash and fold service also provide dry cleaning, so even clothes with tough stains or delicate fabrics can be cared for. If the care of your garment calls for special attention, a professional service will let you know ahead of time, and some will even adjust their cleaning processes to meet your needs. They can use hypoallergenic or environmentally friendly detergents. In some cases, it’s even possible to add special care instructions for the washing machine. Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, reputable businesses also make sure that no orders are mixed.

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