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Europe is a massive, and diverse continent that comes with an unlimited assortment of things that you want to see and do, from beautiful Paris to smoke-filled coffee shops in Amsterdam, to La Tomatina to Oktoberfest. If you are visiting Europe for a few months, you won’t be having any problem filling your time up on a budget or just be there spending a few weeks on the continent on a well-earned vacation. You will be there finding a lot in the continent to explore, the historical architecture, wonderful beaches, amazing wine, and a wide range of world-class festivals. Every European country you will be visiting is diverse in different things that you want to do, providing you with a limitless variety of activities you would want to do during your trip. This guide compiled by All Over Traveler will give you an overview of Europe and the tricks and tips you will be needing to start planning your planned trip.

Things to see and do in Europe

1-Tour Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, cobblestone and brick streets weave around the lovely canals as people ride their bikes to and from. You get to see a vibrant touch of the music scene and vibrant art and there lies a lot of museums too for suiting your sense and love for art and history.

2-Hanging Out in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city in Europe that gives out the vibe of NYC in Europe, it is a city that never sleeps in Europe. Once you are there hanging out in Barcelona you must be prepared for parties until dawn and late-night dinners with a pinch of great food as well as nightlife scene.

3-Visiting Berlin

Berlin is an energetic destination. In Europe, it is one of the most affordable capital cities, with a vibrant touch of the art scene and vibrant music, as well as a growing foodie movement. Once you are in Berlin, you might want to make sure that you learn about the darker history of the city through many different memorials, German historical museums, and different landmarks.

4-Drinking Beer at Oktoberfest

For anyone who is going to Germany at the end of September, Oktoberfest comes as a must. Millions of people from all over the world for two weeks gather for lots of excitement, music, wild fun, and of course beer. Watching these many people singing together, raising their pint glasses for endless toasts, and all of them enjoying the general part atmosphere will make you fall in love with the world, all over again.

5-Experiencing London

You would love to get a taste of English culture with the diversity of London. The museums you can visit here are the best in the world, and the perfect thing about them is most of them are free. While there also is no shortage of iconic sights for you to visit in London including Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower of London, the House of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and of course Buckingham Palace. The good food offered by London and the wonderful pub culture are the best and perfect for you to end your day.

Travel costs for your Europe trip


There is a great verification that lies in the accommodation pricing by region. If we talk about Western Europe then the hostel dorm room’s cost ranges between 15-35 EUR per night which completely depends on the size of the room and the hostel’s popularity.

While in Eastern Europe, the hostel dorm rooms have a cost ranging from 6-15 EUR per night completely depending on the dorm room’s size and the hostel’s popularity. Whereas most accommodations offer free Wi-Fi, free linens, and a lot of free breakfasts, it is also important for checking specific websites for exact amenities.


In Europe, food traditions run deep, stretching back centuries to become integral parts of the culture of a country. From baguettes in France to tapas in Spain, from the fresh vegetables and olive oils of the Mediterranean to heart Eastern European stews. While one thing you will be witnessing is the variety of European cuisines as much as the European countries themselves. Whereas the prices of food also get to differ greatly across the continent so you must check individual country travel guides for the specifics.


These are the different activities that you can enjoy while traveling Europe:

Wine tours – 90-120 EUR/day

Eiffel Tower – 16-26 EUR

Visiting Versailles Palace and Gardens – 27 EUR

The Tower of London – 35 EUR

Bike Tours and River Cruises – 24-40 EUR

Museums and Tours – 14 EUR

Full-Day Tours – 55-100 EUR

Prices vary drastically per country, so of course, it is hard to give an estimate of a general cost.

Suggested budgets for your Europe trip

For travel in Europe, the prices vary greatly depending on where you are traveling to, and how far you are going. If you then stick to the budget accommodation, tours, and food that we overviewed here then, in general, you will be needing 65 EUR per day while you are traveling in Western Europe, 40 EUR while you are traveling in Eastern Europe, and if you are in Scandinavia then that is about 85 EUR.

Those numbers reflect a traveler who is there staying in hostels, cooking some meals, eating out cheaply, enjoying a few drinks, and sticking to cheap and free activities, like walking tours, hiking, and enjoying nature. This then could be your typical backpacker budget. You won’t be having any fancy time, but you won’t be wanting it for anything either. However, if you acquire rail passes and tourist cards, avoid flights, occasionally camping or Couchsurfing, cook each of your meals, and then not drink, your travel cost can then become a lot cheaper. Living like this would let you do Western Europe for only 35 EUR/day, Eastern Europe for only 20 EUR/day, and Scandinavia for 50 EUR/day.

Generally, if you are visiting solo on an economy level of the trip, trying to have full sort of enjoyment then the suggested budget for Europe ranges from 35-70 EUR every day. You can live your life on your Europe tour this way.

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