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There are 5 types of septic tanks steel, concrete, plastic, fiberglass and Aerobic septic tanks. ABG Urekha offers ISO-certified Bio Septic Tanks at a low cost that are suitable for both home and business uses. Our skilled team install perfectly and neatly in the same manner, eliminating the need for future repairs. Current pipes have an enormous impact on making our lives more agreeable and preventing the spread of illness. Plumbing systems provide a reliable source of clean drinking water while also removing sewage and wastewater. There are two methods for emptying wastewater from private and business structures. Designs will either be integrated with city sewer lines or utilize a septic tank. The critical distinction between the two is that a septic system serves a singular property, while sewer lines interface various properties into an organization of lines that convey waste to a city wastewater treatment office.

Layer 1 – Sludge:

Sludge is the strong material that settles at the lower part of your septic tanks to form a thick layer. The muck is composed of non-fluid materials like soil, bones, food particles, and so forth. There are anaerobic microscopic organisms that flourish in the lower part of your tank and feed off of this ooze layer. As these microscopic organisms vanish, they too become part of the slop layer.

Layer 2 – Scum:

Scum alludes to the arrangement of substances in a septic tanks that is lighter than water. It is typically made up of oil, fats, and oil. These substances float to the surface of the water, where the active microorganisms work to process a greater proportion of the drifting strong waste materials.

Layer 3 – Effluent:

Gushing is the described wastewater that remains after the trash has risen to the surface and the slime has sunk to the bottom. It makes up a larger part of the fluid in your septic tanks. At the point when a septic framework is working appropriately, effluent streams out through your channel field.

1. Steel Septic Tank

You can pick steel septic tanks if you’re searching for a strong material that is impervious to light. One more advantage of steel septic tanks is that they won’t drift, assuming the water table ascends closer to the tank.

Even though steel is perhaps the most solid material normally accessible, septic tanks will start to rust after some time. When the tanks start to erode, they become feeble and can’t uphold the load above. To that end, most mortgage holders don’t pick steel septic tanks. Additionally, the tanks will generally crumble more rapidly than different kinds of septic system.

Moreover, steel septic system tanks have a significant expense. When combined with the somewhat unfortunate toughness, this significant expense effectively eliminates steel septic system tanks from mortgage holders’ options.

2. Concrete Septic Tanks

These dependable tanks will commonly last a very long timeā€”as long as forty years if appropriately maintained. Substantial tanks are also strong types of septic system that are not easily damaged by large equipment. Concrete septic tanks are even impervious to environmental changes, so they cannot be accidentally harmed. The two most normal natural changes that will influence your septic tank are tree roots and changing soil conditions. What’s more, they are likewise rustproof, which is an extraordinary benefit. Substantial tanks have been endorsed for use in all states in the US, so on the off chance that this tank appears to be good for you as well as your requirements, this could be your ideal choice.

3. Plastic septic tanks

In third type is plastic tanks, that are strong, lightweight, and generally reasonable. Plastic septic tanks will not rust and are less likely to break than concrete septic tanks. These tanks are exceptionally light, which makes them simple to introduce. In any case, they are light to the point that they are inclined to harm during establishment. Furthermore, plastic tanks can drift to the surface if they aren’t introduced accurately.

4. Aerobic septic tanks

These tanks are controlled by power and are often introduced when other tanks on a property have fizzled. Vigorous tanks are oftentimes more costly than other sorts of septic tanks; however, they are more powerful and require more modest channel fields, which can be an immense advantage on more modest properties. These tanks require more continuous upkeep, but they by and large keep going for a long time.

5. Fiberglass septic tanks

Fiberglass tanks are made using fiber-supported plastics. The support of glass filaments makes them more grounded than plastic tanks. Fiberglass septic tanks won’t disintegrate. After all, they will generally be serious areas of strength because they don’t rust like cement or steel tanks. Fiberglass tanks are also significantly lighter than tanks made of other materials, making them simpler to install; however, be cautious because fiberglass tanks are prone to damage during the establishment interaction. It can likewise make them shift effectively while the surrounding soil becomes immersed.


We hope this blog useful to you! There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Bio Septic Tank. In one case, the best sort of septic tank for one family or set of circumstances may not be awesome for another. It is critical to ensure that you have access to accurate information about Bio Septic Tank so that you can make the best decision for yourself and your home. The advantages and downsides expressed ought to help any property holder figure out which type is most appropriate to the requirements of their home. If you want to install the quality assurance Bio Septic Tank for your house, bank, school and colleges then contact our ABG urekha. We are top class provider of Bio Septic Tank dealer since 2009. Call for book +91 86800 90003 or visit

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