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The Lake District is packed full of things to do for all the family. From its beautiful lakes, famous fells, and miles of walking trails, there are plenty of interesting things to see and do in the region. Our guide below gives you a run-down of some of our favorite Lakeland activities and what we think are the best things to do in the Lake District.

Hike Cat Bells

Cat Bells is a popular mountain in the Lake District. It’s one of the most famous climbing peaks in England, and it’s easy to understand why: its views are spectacular, with Ullswater visible from the summit.

There are several routes up Cat Bells, but if you’re looking for a good walk and a chance to see amazing scenery, then we recommend starting from Glenridding in Borrowdale valley and going up via Low Force waterfall and High Force waterfall before crossing over to Saddleback pass (or vice versa). This route takes about five hours to return with some steep sections on rocky ground at times so make sure you have decent footwear!

Visit Ullswater Lake

Ullswater is the second largest lake in the Lake District, and it’s known as a popular family destination. The lake itself is gorgeous, but also has plenty of opportunities for you to get out and explore. There are plenty of walks around Ullswater, so pack a picnic and enjoy some stunning scenery or go for a swim – it makes an excellent spot for a summer dip! And if you want something different, why not hire yourself a pedal boat? Alternatively, take one of many boat trips from Glenridding village on the eastern side of Ullswater (or further along). We love this place because it feels like you’re getting away from things here – despite being surrounded by tourists!

Explore the many Lakeland villages

The Lake District is home to many villages, each with its character and appeal. These small towns offer visitors a range of options for dining out, shopping, and socializing.

The villages are also great places to stop for a bite to eat or a drink during your time in the Lakes. Here are our top picks:

  • Hawkshead’s charm lies within its winding cobbled streets, independent shops, and traditional pubs. Head over to The Fighting Cocks Inn for lunch or dinner on the terrace. It’s known for serving local produce from nearby farms that use sustainable methods such as organic farming, biodynamic growing, and permaculture design principles (there are no pesticides used).
  • Bowness-on-Windermere Enjoying an incomparable location beside Lake Windermere, this is one of England’s most popular resorts with plenty on offer for all ages including boating trips out onto the lake itself! If you have children why not take advantage of one of their activities programs which offer fun days out at discounted prices?
Lake District

Grab a Bite to Eat in Grasmere Village

The village of Grasmere is a popular stop for tourists because it’s quite beautiful and full of history. It’s also home to many restaurants, cafes, and pubs where you can grab a bite to eat. The food is good and the prices are reasonable (if not a little steep). Just be aware that this place gets busy during peak season so you may need to wait in line for your table at some of the more popular spots!

If you’re looking for something different, try The White Lion Inn. This pub has been open since 1750 and serves up traditional English fare like fish & chips or steak pie with all the trimmings. There’s also an extensive wine list if you want to class things up a bit!

Visit Muncaster Castle

Muncaster Castle is located on the edge of Lake Windermere and is one of the most visited castles in England. The castle has been around since 1086 and was originally constructed as a fortress to defend against Viking attacks. It’s now open to visitors who can enjoy its grounds, gardens, cafe, and gift shop.

There are also family-friendly activities such as a playground area for kids!

Take a Hike to Aira Force

Aira Force is a waterfall in the Lake District National Park, England. It is created by Aira Beck as it cascades over several tall rock steps before meeting Loweswater at the bottom of a wooded valley. The beck flows through an area of woodland and farmland that has been designated a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) because of its important geology and flora.

Aira Force can be reached by footpaths from Loweswater or Grasmere, or by road ad along the B5289 between Ambleside and Keswick. The road passes close to two other waterfalls, Ruskin Falls and Brim Fell Falls.

You’ll want to bring your hiking boots. This is because the best things to do in the Lake District are often accessed by foot and if you don’t have proper footwear, it will be a lot less enjoyable. Hiking boots will help you enjoy the best things to do in the Lake District and they are good for so many reasons.

  • Hiking boots are environmentally friendly. They don’t use up precious resources like leather or PVC, which means they’re better for our planet than other types of footwear and that makes them great for nature lovers!
  • Hiking boots can be beneficial for your health too! Studies have shown that regular walks with good-quality shoes can improve sleep quality and lower blood pressure levels among those who wear them regularly enough (which should be everyone). So what are you waiting for? Grab some hiking boots today!


We hope you take our advice and visit the Lake District as soon as possible. It is one of the most beautiful places in England, and when you do go, don’t forget to follow our advice on what to see while there. Also, be sure not only to appreciate these wonderful sights but also the stories behind how they got their name; if nothing else, it will make your trip more memorable! Good luck traveling around this awesome part of England.

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