Bangkok Travel Tips


Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia and for good reason. It’s a fascinating city that offers visitors a vibrant culture along with some incredible sights and attractions. The city has so much to see, eat, and do you can spend weeks here without even leaving your hotel room! In this guide to Bangkok travel tips we’ll cover what you need to know before visiting this beautiful metropolis.

What to do in Bangkok?

  • Explore the city

Bangkok’s astonishingly vibrant, teeming streets are home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks from shopping-mad Siam Square and Khao San Road to bustling Chinatown and the grand Royal Palace. The best way to see them all is on foot or by tuk-tuk (the Thai word for motorcycle).

  • Eat and shop

Though Bangkok has plenty of fine restaurants, many street vendors sell delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients at very reasonable prices. If you want something more authentic than fast food, head toward the night markets; these offer a wide selection of local specialties at low prices.

  • Visit floating markets

One day people travel all over Thailand looking for bargains in its floating markets but if you have time why not check out one here too? These can be found everywhere throughout Bangkok but they’re especially popular among locals during Songkran Festival which falls sometime between April 20th -22nd every year when Thai people celebrate being liberated from slavery by King Rama I (Rama 11) back in 1767 AD after he defeated Burmese invaders who had invaded his kingdom several times previously before then!

Eat and shop at JJ market

JJ market is the number one place to shop for souvenirs. It is also a great place to eat, especially if you are looking for something fresh from Thailand. There are many restaurants in this market and they all offer delicious food at reasonable prices. The food here is so good that it will make your taste buds burst into flames when you eat it! You can find different types of fish, meat, and seafood on sale at JJ Market every day of the week except Sunday (which means Monday through Saturday). On Sundays, there’s no shopping allowed because they close down their stores while everyone goes sightseeing around town instead – but don’t worry! You can still go shopping here on Monday or Tuesday during normal business hours if you want some extra time off before heading back home again next week!

Explore the Chatuchak Weekend Market

  • It’s best to go during the day when there are fewer tourists around. This means that you’ll have more time to shop without feeling rushed or pressured into making purchases that aren’t right for your needs or budget.

Take a River Tour along the Chao Phraya

  • Take a river tour along the Chao Phraya River. This is a popular activity, so make sure to book ahead if you want to guarantee your spot on the boat and get away from the crowds.
  • Get off at any of several stops along the way and explore Bangkok’s riverside neighborhoods like Thonburi and Banglamphu, which are home to many historic sites and temples. You can also visit popular attractions such as Wat Arun or Suan Lum Night Bazaar, as well as eat at some nearby restaurants that offer views of these sites while enjoying delicious food options filled with local flavors!
  • After disembarking from your boat ride through Bangkok’s waterways, head back into town by taking another taxi or public transport mode (if possible).

Visit the Floating Markets

When you visit Bangkok, be sure to take a trip on one of the many boats that cruise around the city. These are called floating markets and they provide an interesting way to explore the city while trying local food. You can find these markets by boat or foot they’re open from early morning until late afternoon each day, so there’s no reason not to stop by if your schedule allows it! The best part is that they’re mostly pedestrian-oriented so there’s plenty of room for you and your camera bag (and maybe even someone else who wants some Thai cuisine).

Join a Thai Cooking Class

  • What you should expect: A cooking class is a great way to learn about Thai cuisine, but it can also be an opportunity for social interaction. You’ll spend the majority of your time in a classroom learning from one or two experienced teachers and their assistants, who will guide you through each step of preparing the food. The class may include some demonstration, but it’s not necessary; most participants just want to eat what they’ve learned!
  • What to wear: You must come dressed comfortably you’ll probably be moving around while cooking (and cleaning up afterward).

There is a lot to see, eat, and do in Bangkok!

Bangkok is a great place to visit. It’s home to some of the best food in Asia, as well as many other things you can do while you’re there. If you want to eat great Thai food, tons of restaurants offer it. You can also shop at markets and buy souvenirs from there too!

You can learn about Thai culture at museums or temples throughout Bangkok; these places will teach you about how people lived thousands of years ago by showing off artifacts such as statues and paintings.


BANGKOK is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia, and for good reason. It offers a wonderful blend of culture and history, coupled with modern amenities like high-speed Internet access and 24-hour banks! Whether you’re visiting Bangkok for business or pleasure, there’s something for everyone here. So, if you want to get away from it all but still be close enough to enjoy all that Thailand has to offer then look no further than this guide on how best to travel around Bangkok!

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