Is It Possible To Eat Mindfully While Being Anywhere?

Your job demands frequent visits to new places. For this reason, it has become impossible for you to keep up with any diet regime. Since you do not stay at a particular place for long, you cannot cook your own food.

On top of this, many places do not even provide the required ingredients also. Taking huge luggage of food items with you for a short visit is quite tough practically. However, it does not mean you cannot eat mindfully while travelling.

First, you will have to understand the concept of mindful eating. You are not able to eat mindfully because of your unawareness. It does not require you to stick to a regular list of food elements.

You must follow a flexible diet plan. It should allow you to eat whatever is healthy and available near you. If you remain too strict with the diet, maybe you will spend mindlessly getting the exact set of items in the name of following a diet.

Having a practical diet chart is ethical, or else your savings will become empty soon. As a result, you will end up approaching a direct lender for instalment loans. Borrowing is not a crime after all, and you can choose this option. All you will need is a strategy to repay the loans on time.

Wait! Will borrowing help to rectify the diet? If you want to know about the ways that you can make sure you eat mindfully by being at any place, keep reading this blog.

Easy-to-remember tactics to eat mindfully everywhere

If you think carefully, you will understand that careful eating has the least to do with the type of food items you prefer to have. It encompasses a few ways to take in food to reap its health benefits.

Most importantly, you must be aware of what you are consuming. Is it beneficial for your health? If you keep eating food that has no productive effect, your health will suffer.

1. Mindful eating: What is it exactly?

Surely, it is not a new term for you. It means the way to eat so that it can have a good impact on your health. You must try to add more green elements to your diet to make eating more wholesome.

Do not forget about having vegetables in the form of salads or by simply roasting. You can also have seeds, different types of nuts and vegetable oils in your food. If you face difficulty in having them this way, you can make them more interesting in your own way.

If you are concerned about mindful eating, you will automatically make distance yourself from unhealthy foods. In short, it is not only about picking the right food but also the technique you will have to purchase it from the market, prepare it in your food, and ultimately consume it.

2.  Celebrate mindful eating by practising a few steps

It is beyond the elements you choose to add to your diet. In fact, this type of eating is an amalgamation of some steps. It encourages healthy eating for your mind and body. Look at the below points.

  1. Plan meal first and purchase later – You must note down what you will have in your diet by assessing your individual health values. A list of items will help you to stick to what you need. It prevents you from buying extra and spending extra. Try to keep processed food items away from your list.
  2. Have your meals when you feel the need to eat– It means to have your food with an appetite. However, you must avoid having food till you starve. You will end up taking in more food to stuff your empty stomach.
  3. Do not skip meals – Mindful eating never supports skipping meals. You will feel hungry like never before when you take a long break from meals. As a result, you prefer to eat more and do not even enjoy your meal which is more according to watchful eating habits.
  4. Pay attention to the size of your plate– if you are trying to do portion control, you must take care of the size of your plate. Instead of taking a big plate for a small portion of a meal, change the size of the plate. Consider having a small-sized plate. This way, you will not feel you are eating less. It will give you the feeling of being already-full from the inside.
  5. Be grateful– Do not miss the chance to express your gratitude to God for letting you have a peaceful meal today! Gratification gives a feeling of contentment. It lets you appreciate the food you are having. Take a moment to acknowledge the hard work you and your family have put into preparing this delicious food.
  6. Enjoy preparing the food– You will celebrate eating your food if you have already enjoyed preparing it. Pay attention to the colour, texture, aroma and even the sounds of food preparation to set a connection with your meal. Identify the elements you have added to recipes you have prepared.
  7. Prefer having a small bite size– Do not rush to finish eating! It is because chewing inside the mouth initiates the breakdown process of the food. You will swallow your food if you skip it or eat too fast. Moreover, you can enjoy the taste of the food when you take a small bite instead of a bigger one.
  8. Proper chewing is vital– Do not just gulp down the food once it enters your mouth! Proper chewing establishes one of the facets of mindful eating also. If you take your food without chewing, you do not get the chance to have its taste. It also restricts the initial breakdown process of the food.
  9. Eat your food patiently– You must spend some amount of time while having your food. It is a tenant of mindful eating. If possible, avoid having conversations during meals. You will have the least attention to your food and end up gossiping more. Start talking to your tablemates once you complete your food.
  10. Drink water adequately– You must provide enough water to your system. For this reason, having a water drinking regime is also critical. Keep reminding yourself about it so that you can keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Moreover, water plays a role in the digestion of the food particles that enter your stomach.
  11. Stop yourself from having junk food– This type of food item attracts people very easily. They are either deep-fried items or high in sugar content. Certainly, they will have a negative impact on your body. Therefore, you must control your urge for junk food

The bottom line

You must have heard a lot about mindful eating. Healthy living co-relates with healthy eating. It could motivate you to acquire it like a new habit.

However, it is not a habit. Rather, it is a way of eating that should have a positive influence on your health. It will be fruitless if you focus on having selected items in your diet in the name of mindful eating.

Do not choose food items without acknowledging the requirements of your body. Define a set schedule for eating and follow it religiously. While having your meal, just focus on it only.

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