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In case you haven’t noticed, weddings are becoming more and more unique. Couples are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd by incorporating details that reflect their style and interests. But it’s not just about the decor or cake it’s about everything! And this couple did just that when they chose a vintage photo book as their inspiration for an intimate wedding in Connecticut.

A Vintage Photo Book

A vintage photo book inspired the intimate wedding of a New York City couple. The groom gave his bride-to-be the book as a gift, and their ceremony was personal with playful touches that were inspired by it.

An Intimacy of Creativity

The couple was committed to making the most of each moment with those they loved, and in addition to a homemade wedding cake and intimate vows, they also celebrated their creativity. Their invitation suite featured a photo from a vintage photography book that served as an inspiration for many elements of the day: color palette, floral arrangements, venue styling, and more. The couple embodied this concept in other ways the couple wrote their vows based on poems from their favorite books; their maid-of-honor gave a speech about how she’s always been close friends with the bride; and so on.

Vintage Fashion in Detail by Caroline Young

So, when it came time to plan their wedding, the couple drew inspiration from a book that embodied their taste: Vintage Fashion in Detail by Caroline Young. This book is a collection of vintage fashion photography from the 1930s through the 1960s.

It showcases images of elegant gowns and dresses adorned with intricate details which is exactly what drew Sarah to Caroline’s work. “I just love how she captures details,” says Sarah. “She finds things like brooches on hats or pearls on shoes to photograph.” The book served as an inspiration for many elements of her special day, including Emily’s wedding dress and their bride-and-groom portraits.

The Wedding Team

  • The photographer, videographer, florist, and caterer were all excellent. They were very professional and easy to work with. We also had an excellent DJ who did a great job of incorporating our playlist and adding his personal touch to the reception music.
  • Having a wedding planner is essential! This was one of my regrets from my first wedding I didn’t have a planner at all! It’s such an important part of any wedding so don’t skip on this one! A good planner can be worth its weight in gold because they help coordinate everything for you so that your big day runs smoothly. They’ll deal with any issues before they become problems and make sure everything goes according to plan (which usually means not letting you see anything until right before it happens).
  • I cannot stress enough how valuable it was having such an amazing team behind us throughout this process and seeing firsthand how each vendor made our day special it was truly an unforgettable experience thanks to them!

Personal and Intimate Wedding

What makes your wedding personal and intimate?

You may have heard the term “intimate wedding” used to describe a small, private and low-key celebration. But what does this mean exactly? A close-knit group of friends and family are invited; the venue is a home or backyard; food is prepared by the couple themselves. It’s not just about size or location though: an intimate wedding also reflects the couple in their environment, making it feel more special in many ways than larger events. “They were both committed to making the most of each moment with those they loved,” Jill says. “They wanted their wedding day to be about way more than just them and their love for one another they wanted to share that love and happiness with their family and closest friends.”

The couple worked with an online invitation company called Minted, which allows you to design your invitations and favors. They also used Etsy for some of the décor items in their suite (including a personalized sign from The Beach Co).

Celebration of their Creativity

The couple wanted to bring their personalities into the design of their wedding and so they decided on a vintage photography book theme. This meant that not only did they bring their passions for vintage photography and fashion to their wedding, but they also celebrated their creativity.

The couple decided to incorporate their love of photography into the decor by using old cameras as decorations throughout the venue. They turned the bridal suite into an old-fashioned black and white photoshoot studio complete with props such as hats, gloves, handbags, and ties.

Incorporation of your Personality

The couple wanted to create a personal and intimate wedding one that reflected their creativity, uniqueness, and playfulness. Achieving this is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many details to consider when planning the day of your dreams: seating arrangements, table settings, and decor, food selection, entertainment options the list goes on!

It’s important to remember that each detail will have its unique impact on your guests’ experience at the event. Some aspects may be more important than others (i.e, if you’re having a traditional sit-down dinner with assigned seating then people need somewhere to sit), but don’t forget about those less obvious elements either! For example, a well-planned menu can help set expectations for what kind of mood they should expect at dinner; choosing music during cocktail hour can help create an atmosphere where guests feel comfortable mingling; selecting decorations or colors associated with specific themes helps remind them why they came out in celebration today (and what makes this couple special).


With such personal touches, this couple created an intimate and elegant wedding that reflected their styles. Not only did they create a beautiful space for their guests to enjoy, but they also made sure that everything from the decor to the food was inspired by their passions.

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