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At Anton Solutions Group, we understand the difficulties that many business owners face due to the lack of singapore accounting services and software providers. We leverage on the accounting and bookkeeping solutions used by top accounting firms across Singapore to help improve and automate our clients’ finance functions.

Our dedicated team of professionals as well as can streamline your accounting processes by providing you with a custom-designed solution to enhance and improve workflow. This solution simplifies, standardises, and streamlines financial transactions and records.

With our custom-designed solutions, you can automate tedious tasks such as invoicing, reporting, and documentation. This reduces potential human errors and makes compliance and taxation reports much easier.

Our Accounting solutions encompass areas such as:

• All-in-One Online Accounting Software
• Project Tracking
• Bank Reconcilation
• Online Invoicing
• Asset Management
• Inventory Management
• Company Incorporation
• Company Secretarial Services
• Financial Consultancy
• Company Tax


In an increasingly technology-focused world, the demand for businesses to digitize has grown dramatically. But with so many options and providers, SMEs are having a hard time picking what kind of digitalize solutions would be suitable and beneficial to them in terms of increase in efficiency, enhanced customer experience and most importantly boost in sales.

Why worry when you can find it all here at ANtoN Solutions? Our network of partners are always on the clock rapidly reacting to the change in the market making sure your business always has access to more customers, reduced cost, and streamlined daily operations.

There are many ways you can digitize your business. Just refer to the options below or contact us and find out more!

Our Digitilization solutions encompass areas such as:

• E-commerce Website
• Digitalize Ordering Systems
• Restaurant Management System
• Online Brand Activation
• Streamlined Payroll System
• Digital Marketing
• CRM Softwares


Guide your business towards achieving growth and sustainability by developing digital strategies and effectively utilizing integrated marketing tools to boost your business’ revenue!

Provide your business with an opportunity to market your brand to the world, around the clock, at a low cost. From startups to medium-sized enterprises to multiple-location companies, any business can benefit from a well-devised digital marketing strategy and execution. Our experts will devise tailor-made digital marketing solutions to help you expand your market reach beyond the horizons, ensuring that your products and services are able to reach your targeted audiences anytime and anywhere be it through a ecommerce website based in Singapore or even a social media page based in Malaysia, we have strategies and solutions that fits even on a global stage!

Our marketing solutions encompass areas such as:

• Digital Strategy Consultancy
• Copywriting
• Website Creation
• E-Commerce Activation
• Social Media Marketing
• Search Engine Optimisation
• Search Engine Marketing
• Public Relation
• Marketplace Promotion
• Cross Border Marketing

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