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Invest in an intelligent portfolio of diversified global low-cost exchange traded funds, designed to meet your financial future.

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Why you should
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Automated, worry-free investing

Akru is an always-on, easy-to-use product in your pocket that empowers you to invest in diversified portfolios with exposure to global investments.

Nobel prize-winning solutions

Founded on the Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory, we invest in low-cost index funds driven by passive algorithm-supported investment processes.

No paperwork, no spreadsheets

See how you’re doing in a snapshot. Login to your Akru account to view your Dashboard, anytime and anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.


A licensed
digital investment

Akru was founded by people with vast experience in investment banking, financial management and fintech. We are supported by an investment team with capital market licences from the Securities Commission Malaysia as well as experienced investment advisors.

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